Hi there,

My name is Shmuel Hoffman.  I created Hoffman Productions, the creative firm for film production and internet advertising.  We’re based in NYC and Philadelphia.
This here is my personal blog. It is focussed on having fun with video for business, film production,  and social media experiments. I’ll help you to be more productive and reach your goals with the help of video and advertising primarily for the web and social media platforms. I don’t want you to go through this the hard way when reading my blog will take years off your learning time, and help you avoid mistakes.
What I Write About
I usually write about using video and social media in your business and personal life. I think it’s an amazing tool to enhance both. I discuss and review video and film production gear or services, I test social media strategies and tactics that help to build followers and a tribe. I’m primarily a video dude – I DP, direct, and edit – and I use social media and email marketing (and this here blog) to get the word out about what I do.
My goal is to create fun, insightful, relevant content that you can put to work in your personal and professional life (sounds like from a brochure, no?). If you are looking for increasing your fan base and platform or are a content creator yourself then this is a the right blog for you.
I usually post here up to 2 times per week about everything that I have fun with.
My Family Background
As you can see from my avatar I’m a father of young kids, and I’m married to my wonderful wife Margelit who helped me so much to get this thing here rolling. I love classical music, Infected Mushroom, art, Tarkovsky films, I love sushi (who doesn’t), I love learning from Tim Ferriss (Yes, he is my personal Rabbi) that I follow. I do the slow carb diet and exercise with the MED.
Thrown Into the World
We are thrown into this world to learn from each other and refine our character and soul by going through whatever we have to slog through. I believe in Gd and trust that whatever happens happens is for the good, and that I can learn from anything.
Here are the topics that I write about:
Film and video production
Social media
Business leadership
Jewish thinking and business
I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. I was trained as a professional viola player and studied music in Weimar and Hannover.  I also studied documentary photography in Hannover, Germany.  I emigrated to Israel in 2004, met my wonderful wife Margelit and then started our video production and marketing company in Jerusalem in 2006.  In 2010 we moved our business to the New York City area. Our clients are mostly nonprofits in the US, Israel, Europe, Canada, Australia and South Africa.
Thanks so much for reading.  Please check out my musings here, and leave a comment with any question or insight you might have.  🙂