We are so happy to be a part of Shulamith High School’s ongoing success over the past four years. We made their first film before they existed, getting students to sign up before there was even a school to show. Since then, every year, we’ve tried to top ourselves. This year we wanted to showcase not only what the school has to offer, but who girls become when they attend Shulamith.  And now, in its 4th year, Shulamith has its first senior class. Make sure you watch till the end to witness their evolution.


We are impressed by the first graduating class of Shulamith. Not only have they accomplished a lot in their high school careers; they are knowledgeable about the world while still maintaining that joie de vivre that we so want our kids to hang on to as they grow up. They are poised, kindhearted, happy, and wicked smart. And they are going places.

They’ve been the stars of our films for Shulamith, and the school has taught them both to speak up, and to maintain their modesty and level-headedness in the process.  It’s that balance of confidence and adherence to Jewish values that can be such a tough position to maintain in girls’ schools, and we think Shulamith has nailed it.

Here is the first film we produced for Shulamith back then when they were recruiting for their first year:


Click on the titles below to watch some of our previous Shulamith films:

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