Camp Mesorah – Personal Promo Featuring Ari & Deena Katz

We’ve been making films for Camp Mesorah for years now, and this is our most personal film to date. While in the past, our films for Mesorah have been more on the commercial end of the spectrum, we decided to go deep this time and bring out some of the personal reasons that more and more people send to Mesorah every year (ahem – to the tune of every division filled to capacity), including the compelling personalities of the dynamic duo at the helm, Ari & Deena Katz.



Ari & Deena are two of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They are also not pushovers. They lead by example. They walk their talk. Staff, parents and campers all had so many wonderful things to say about them, that we could make a whole separate film just about that.

But Ari & Deena didn’t want this film to be about them, because they know that camp is not about them. In fact, Camp Mesorah is a reflection of them, since they both went there as campers, worked there as counselors, and then returned as division heads, program directors, and now they own and run the place.

Indeed, we think that you can learn more about a person by looking at what they have created, by the kinds of people they surround themselves with, and the environment they’re in and the atmosphere they inspire. We wanted to use the medium of film to explore the concept of looking at a kingdom if you want to know the truth about the king. It is precisely the reason that we use the medium of film, so that we can get a more or less objective look at the reality of a situation, beyond what the proprietor of a place wants you to see or not see.

In our experience at Mesorah, the camp speaks very highly of the people who run it. The campers are happy, active, and growing in Torah and middos. The staff is a happy, cohesive unit. While rules are strictly adhered to, they’re able to maintain an atmosphere of fun, excitement, and constant activity, where friendships can thrive and kids can gain independence and confidence in a safe environment.

Ari & Deena have made Camp Mesorah their life’s work. We hope this film testifies to the sincerity and success of their endeavors, the hugely important undertaking that is Jewish education… in an informal environment over the summer, where values like work ethic, commitment to Torah learning, and sportsmanship – sink in when kids aren’t even looking.

We hope you enjoy this film; thanks – as always – for watching. Your continued viewership means so much to us.

<3 Shmuel & Margelit

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