How to Stay Relevant

Maybe you’ve seen our many films for Ma’ayanot over the years. We are really happy that some of the finest, most effective and integrous educational institutions and nonprofits come to us year after year to produce their films.

How You Can Avoid The “Too Simple” Approach

You already know from previous posts (like this one) that we advise our clients to take the multi-film approach so that they have many touch points with their audience.  We specialize in coming up with new concepts and topics that the audiences our clients want to reach have not seen before.


What Language Fits Your Audience?

Sometimes, clients come to us wondering how to reach their audiences, or worse – NOT wondering. We really worry when an organization is satisfied withspitting out the company line and producing run-of-the-mill films, and then wonder why no one is responding.

Not so Ma’ayanot. Not only inside the classroom are they in touch with their students and meet them where they are, providing girls with an unparalleled education in both secular and Judaic studies while giving them a plethora (seriously, it’s a lot) of leadership opportunities outside the classroom as well…

But Ma’ayanot cares to stay in touch with students and prospective students on a media level as well.  They realize that if they can speak in a language that students can hear through films, it reflects their ability to do that in real life, bringing that interactive experience to the student in attendance.

Does Your Audience Rave About You?

Ma’ayanot is not afraid to hear feedback. They are also not afraid to implement it. Which is why, when we originally suggested they use surveys to discover what’s really on the minds of students, parents, and prospectives, they cooperated readily and were excited to know the results. This is one organization that does not just give lip-service to meeting the needs of families and being responsive – they actually are responsive for real. They grow and improve with the times, and apply what works.

How You Can Turn Feedback Into A Film Campaign

We produce our films based on feedback received in the surveys.

  1. Either we address objections that have been expressed, or we riff on positive keywords that a large enough number of survey responders mention.  For example, if they mention how they love the aspect of sports or art offerings, then we’ll produce separate commercial films for Sports and Arts. Or we create films highlighting different aspects of a client’s culture that make it stand apart from its competitors.
  2. Each year we renew our research for our clients and learn what evolved and changed in the market. With this, we keep our finger on the pulse and plan our multi-year campaigns accordingly.
  3. The further we are into a campaign (let’s say we have produced already 6-8 films and have covered all the basics), then we can begin to be more experimental with our content, to highlight new aspects of the organization, while still reaching new audiences as well as addressing their current crowd for retention. Only market leaders invent and produce new “categories,” and that will be reflected in your marketing films as well.

This strategy has seen much success as evidenced by this study:

One of the main takeaways from this article is that, while other, co-ed schools in this report are happy with their Open House attendance, Ma’ayanot, a single-gender school, blew the others out of the water in terms of how big their open house was, despite their only serving half the population (girls only, as opposed to both boys and girls).

To Sum It Up

We help our clients reach market leadership – and once we get get them their, we help them maintain it by doing the following three things:

  1. By keeping up the production value – Hollywood level artistic/creative films represent the high quality of what they have to offer
  2. By providing content for the multiple contact points our clients need to maintain a connection with their audience
  3. Through surveys and market research, we make sure we’re showing the audience what they need to see in order to make the choice again and again for our clients

Success doesn’t just happen. It takes a real strategy, and on-point execution.

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