You know, timing is everything to solidify big wins. To have maximum impact you need to know when to send out a piece of marketing or an advertising film to create an emotional response in your target audience. And why do you need to create an emotional response? Because the only thing that sells is EMOTIONS. Your audience being emotionally attached, wowed or moved by your brand is what sells you. Once you achieve this then you’ll have customers, clients, campers, students for life.

So, when it comes to high school students, both the timing and the subject for the ad campaign are super crucial. First, your film needs to appeal to the target audience that you are trying to reach (so in the case of a high school it would be students, and parents – specifically mothers).

Second, you need to find a time of year where emotions run high in order to make an impact. Have you noticed that the most viral pieces – whether it’s a music video or a feel-good ad – are always released during the holiday season?

Together with our client Shulamith Girls High School, we had a great idea: We wanted to create a Thanksgiving campaign event for 8th graders and we would show off a film that was all about Modeh Ani – Giving Thanks… timed perfectly for Thanksgiving.


So, we produced a film that would ask the following question to 10th and 11th graders: What are you thankful for in your life?

And you know what? The students came up with really thoughtful and interesting answers. So, we accomplish two things here:

  1. We show off how thoughtful and awesome these students are, and that in turn will reflect back what parents want there children to become – smart, thoughtful, ambitious, good hearted etc.
  2. We kept the branding of the school to a minimum so that it would be a real feel-good film for the holiday of Thanksgiving. And that would further enhance the visibility, because people are more inclined to share stuff that is universal and human, rather than just branded as a marketing piece.

Besides creating such a Thanksgiving campaign, we timed strategically all of this a week before Shulamith’s application deadline in order to increase applications.

We developed a complete timing strategy for schools based on their open houses, application deadlines, and registration deadlines, which we will outline for your in an upcoming post so that you can just implement this stuff to increase your enrollment – an average of 56% more then your usual numbers.


  1. Ra-anan Elozory says:

    Who even thinks like this anymore? Who EVER thought like this? Being grateful means appreciating what’s dear & to that we need to focus & to do that we need direction. Tragically, many only get this clarity when it’s way too late. How WONDERFUL to get such a clarity when one is YOUNG!

  2. benny says:

    many only get this clarity when it’s way too late. How WONDERFUL to get such a clarity when one is YOUNG!

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