Stick to Your Message

Before you saw our Torah at Mesorah film, we released a number of hard-hitting sports films* for Mesorah to establish it as the Jewish sports camp. While people have said to us on numerous occasions, “It’s for kids! Why be so hardcore? It might turn people off!”  Ari Katz, the head of Camp Mesorah, has been gutsy and bold in continuing to stick by the camp’s main message. But not because we convinced him to. The proof is in the numbers. Whatever people say about it, it works.



Why does it work?

Have Coke or Nike or Apple or Disney ever stopped advertising? Does their message change every day, or from year to year? Is Coke sometimes not refreshing, and Nike sometimes for the mediocre athletes, and Apple not sleek and seamless and extremely useful, and Disney not all about lighting up a kid’s eyes with magic? Has Progressive ever switched to a different Flo?

Decide what your message is, and hit it.


Repeat it. Just like you say the same prayers every morning, or tell your kids to wash behind their ears and eat their vegetables. Because repetition is the key to marketing. A consumer doesn’t even register your message until they’ve seen your ad 7-9 times. That’s a lot! You must repeat your message till you are a household name for that good reason that you want it to be for! And if you don’t control your messaging, someone else will.

If you look at the #1 brand in every field, they are the top advertisers, with the highest percentage of revenue spent on advertising. It takes work to stay at the top! Mesorah has been the #1 Jewish camp for a few years by now, since we’ve been working with them.  But the heavyweight champ who wants to maintain his title doesn’t sit on the couch eating potato chips assuming the win is in the bag. He hits the gym even harder than before. Because the opposite equivalent energy of rising is falling, and entropy must be fought.

Figure out what your forte is and brand the heck out of yourself. Mesorah’s forte is sports and the specialty training component. But what does that mean? It means sportsmanship, it means friends, it means camaraderie. Of course it means winning. But it means so much more. Because it’s about GROUP sports. It’s about the team. It’s about human relationships.

This year Mesorah released our Torah film before our sports film, in order to bring more breadth to the brand. But – by design – we come back to the sports message because that is their brand. Kids at Mesorah sign up for workshops in specific sports in order to hone their skills beyond just court or field time. But it is also a modern orthodox camp where tons of Torah learning, singing, observance of the Jewish calendar and inspiration happens. So we released that first to put it in the mix, but end on the same note as before, reiterating what Mesorah’s main message is.

We put a lot of thought, research, and drafts into our concept writing. But this is how we’re able to bring across the same message from so many different exciting angles with each film. We delve into the kishkas of what the main message means. It’s theme and variation, so that the viewer finishes the film with that same feeling of “Gotta sign up now and catch the early bird deadline!”

*Previous Mesorah Sports Films:
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  1. Ra'anan says:

    This is very high-end, like a trailer for the next blockbuster.
    Everything is super, super tight & suspenseful(!).
    The baseball rain was a nice touch.
    This 100%, you could EASILY make great film trailers and commercials.
    Ah, the swimming pool shift from b&w to colour was like Dorothy stepping into Oz, pure magic, especially w/that saturated blue water!
    Don’t think I didn’t notice your extreme floor shots up into the players at the volleyball net, well done, especially w/all of those into the sun shots.
    2:33 at end is very strong.

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