How to Market Beyond Your Tagline

We’ve been working with Camp Mesorah for a few years now. As you know, we’ve produced a number of hard-hitting films* for them in order to establish them as the Jewish sports camp, which has been very effective for them.

But today I’d like to introduce you to the softer side of Camp Mesorah.

While Mesorah is the Jewish Sports Camp, it is the JEWISH part that gives it its integrity and its warm atmosphere.



Since we have covered the sporting grounds and established Mesorah firmly and clearly as the sports camp, it was now time to branch out and cover other important aspects of the Mesorah experience.  There is a spectrum in modern orthodoxy, and the identity of Mesorah is that they fall on the right side of that spectrum, and now they want to make that more known to the world, clearly and undeniably. While their student body runs the gamut from modern orthodox “light” to even Chassidic and yeshivish, the hashkafa of the camp is for sure on the more religious end of modern orthodox, while not being judgmental or unfun. We wanted to convey that Mesorah is the place where wholesome kids from strongly religious families go to have fun and grow their Torah in an exciting yet frum environment.

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7 Responses to "How to Market Beyond Your Tagline"

  1. Harold Klein says:

    You do fabulous work.

  2. Isidore says:

    Looks very much like the Torch-bearing white nationalists or the KKK

    Doesn’t look good!

  3. Beautiful photography, inspiring message, looks like fun and wonderment, quality time with purpose.

  4. Ra-anan Elozory says:

    Ummm, this is National Geographic dipped in poetry! KKK fires aren’t a point of reference for me, but shining faces of happiness are, GREAT WORK SHEMUEL!!! BIG HUGS (THAT’S THE WAY THE CLIP MADE ME FEEL), Ra’anan in Jerusalem

  5. Tsipora says:

    Beautiful! Inspiring and amazing videography! a real masterpiece!

  6. Layman Hazeh says:

    BH Shalom holy brthr! Looks awesome! Keep up the wonderful creative work you do so well. M’chayil el chayil!! Oh I wish I could afford you to do my music video!!! Iiiiivvvvduuuuuu Esssssss Hashem B’siiiiiimmmmmmmchaaaaa!!!!

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