Today I want to share with you one surefire way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

As you know, we have a lot of Jewish high schools as our clients. Many people ask us how we manage to take what’s unique about a school and bring it to the forefront. We are not just creating the same film for every school, while slapping a different name in the title.  We research the school, the graduates, the experience of the students and alumni, and the wants and desires of prospective students and parents, to come up with the best angle by which to shine a light on the school.

But more than that.  Of course you can only work with what you have. If you market a bad product well, you will only fail faster.  Luckily for us, the best private schools in the country have been knocking on our door and asking for our help in bringing their recruitment numbers up.

Enter Flatbush, which is known as a top-notch school already. How can you increase the visibility of the school among prospective students, and boost morale (and retention) among current students, creating a buzz of excitement around an already amazing school? You play up what’s amazing.

Sounds simple, but we speak with administrators all the time, and they actually all say that the same things are great about their school as what an administrator from another school would say. It’s up to us to find that unique selling point that will knock it out of the park for them and make them stand out.

Most adminisrators at a school – since they work there – do not have an outsider’s view of the school, and cannot see what is clear to the outside world, and also what the outside world doesn’t know. We come in and parse that out, so that our film will not just be reiterating what people already know about a school, but will enlighten them about further greatness that they didn’t even know the school had.

Especially in the Jewish market, which is – in the end – quite a small niche, schools can no longer afford to have boring, standard videos. A school that doesn’t have thrilling films that reflect what’s going on at the school will not be on top of their game for long.

We looked at Flatbush, and what we found was that, while most students and parents thought the school was amazing, they had no clue about the stellar list of alumni that the school boasts. We immediately knew that this is what we had to focus on in our promo for Flatbush, to elevate the awareness of the greatness of the Flatbush product. 

See the film here: 

Immediately after they showed it at their open house, I received the following email from one of their administrators:

Hi Shmuel,

Wow. Today at Flatbush was really outstanding. The video was so exceptional that some parents and faculty were actually crying as they were overwhelmed with emotion. You really got our school and who we are. The incoming eighth graders listened and watched and were truly engaged. Yasher Koach, it was inspiring. 

Thank you for adding so much to the Open House.

So far, as the result of showing this film, they’ve been able to add an extra 30+ students beyond last year’s numbers to their incoming class. WIN!

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  1. Ra-anan Elozory says:

    The sound bytes did the most for me:
    Mrs. Hidary: “for creating the ideal PLANET!”
    “10 kids sent me [a new kid] texts on how they wanted to help me.”
    “not satisfied with the status quo”
    “I’m in the right place”

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