Why Your School Needs A Marketing Onslaught

We are excited to introduce to you our new promo film for Kohelet Yeshiva High School.  We are excited for three reasons.

  1. This is really an incredible school that guides kids to fulfilling their potential and beyond both in Torah and general studies – as is exemplified by their astounding acceptance rates into high-end yeshivas in Israel, and Ivy League and top-tier schools in the U.S.
  2. It’s close to home. We’ve had 3 different Kohelet students babysit for us – and they have blown us away in terms of their middos, their initiative, and their Hebrew knowledge and understanding of halachos.
  3. Kohelet is one of the spearheading institutions in the movement among Jewish schools to integrate the latest research and development in learning and education into their curriculum and practices, and in bringing Jewish education into the 21st century, preparing its students for this brave new world while keeping them grounded in our time-tested traditions.



OK, now that I’m done with the personal endorsement, let’s move on to the marketing strategy here.

Kohelet hired us last year to produce their full campaign for the year.

The goal was to produce a film campaign with a promo as the centerpiece for the website and in marketing, plus a few commercials to highlight specific advantages of the school – to be released at strategic points throughout the recruitment process.  This gives more contact points with the prospective and current students and parents, increasing name recognition and positive associations with the school.

In addition to that, an honoree video to increase gala/dinner fundraising, as well as a video acceptance letter, to ensure that prospective students and parents are connected with every step of the way, to seal the deal for Kohelet, come application and registration time.  Our campaigns increase both retention and new enrollment by boosting morale amongst current students, and creating a buzz around schools that extends community-wide and beyond.

Why Schools Need A Marketing Onslaught

If your main competing schools have not done much by way of a thought-out video marketing campaign, this gives you the “serving-first advantage.” You are not waiting for your competitors to corner the market through a video campaign.  The earlier you start, the better.  Our campaigns have made what were once failing Jewish institutions into the unquestionable leaders in their fields, increasing enrollment by 24%, 34%, 56%, 69%, and even 314%. It takes the competition years before they catch on, and by that time, it’s usually too late.

The way of getting a head-start on the competition is to publish these marketing films in short succession. For the full onslaught, we usually suggest a strategic combination of film subjects and release dates, to take prospectives on an emotional journey that ends – come early spring – in registration.

For Kohelet we have so far produced 5 films – most recently this promo that was shown at the open house – and we have a few more coming out soon.

“But Shmuel,” you might ask, “Why so many films?”

The first reason for this full-on approach is that it takes 7 impressions before the audience notices your message and internalizes your name. In other words, your school’s name needs to be heard or seen at least 7 times before a potential student or parent who’s just getting started looking into high schools gets interested in going or sending to your school.

The second reason is, we want to take advantage of the “serving first” psychological phenomenon – producing a campaign before competing schools do.

Schools are often hesitant to go this route because of a lack of confidence, courage, and forward-thinking vision. But the full onslaught sets a school immediately apart and creates a market leadership that will be tough to catch up with.

OK, So What’s the ROI?

Clients who have hired us to produce their film campaigns year after year have a compounded increase in enrollment that puts them way ahead of their competition. After just one year of hiring us to make just one video, clients have seen an increase in enrollment from 24% 34%, with an average increase in enrollment over 4 years of using our films of 69%, representing an extra $2.1 million per year in revenue for one of our clients.

In other words, it takes less than a handful of additional students to pay for our film campaign. But we can say that we always expect way more growth than that, based on our history.

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  1. Ra'anan says:

    Well, you just raised the bar again. This time I was totally, totally focused on the message, it was both intellectual & emotional & a tight sell for your target audience.

  2. Shmuel Hoffman says:

    Ra’anan. Thank you so much. Btw. I’m trying to go to the next step. Just got the Red Epic camera. Have you heard about it? A lot of big blockbusters have been shot with this, Spiderman, The Hobbit, Avengers etc.

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