How To Create a Rebranding Campaign To Dominate Your Market – Part 1

This will be a monster post, and so as not to overwhelm you, I split it up into three parts. I want you to really understand how to craft a marketing campaign with video ads that will push your brand to become the #1 and dominate its niche . I want you to really read and “khop” every bit of it and to understand, for your own organization, how to run a successful campaign in order to push ahead of the competition. Shall we?

All Brands Are The Same – Mitnichten
Now this summer we filmed a lot for different summer camps, and in this post I want to walk you through a really amazing phenomenon that we just discovered. In the US there are over 12,000 summer camps and over 300 of them are Jewish. Do you know what differentiates them from each other? Mostly nothing.

You might say: But Shmuley, aren’t there different summer camps for different people with different points of view and different target audiences? That might be true, but how do you distinguish one from another? One major issue is that, while all the camps have different names like Camp Nesher, Camp Lavi, or Camp Schnitzel, they don’t seem to have any specialization.

What do I mean by specialization? When parents are are looking at summer camps, they want to know what each camp stands for, and if they fit in with that very brand. Because people are unique and their child is unique, and they want to get their child into a summer camp that fits his or her needs, activities, interests and so on. But how would your potential customer know that your camp or organization is the right one for them? What differentiates you and makes your camp special?


Creating The Most Effective Campaign
Camp Mesorah came to us last year to help push them ahead because of our track record of growing summer camps between 24-56% over the last few years. Camp Mesorah has been doing very well till this point. That is actually a very unusual situation because most clients come to us when it’s going downhill with their sales or numbers. Camp Mesorah not so. I think, personally, they made it their goal to become #1 amongst the top Jewish summer camps in the U.S. And with that vision, they came to us.

Now the question became how can we push them to the front of the market? There are lots of great summer camps out there. They all have lots of great videos and presentations. How does a brand really differentiate itself from the rest? When we analyzed the whole summer camp market we found one commonality: none of the summer camps stand for anything. Therefore, it’s really hard for customers to figure out which camp is the best fit for their child. Yes, they all have unique names but you cannot tell them apart when you go to their websites or look at their marketing material. The only difference might be in terms of their religious affiliation like Orthodox, Reform, Conservative and so on. But, for example, the Orthodox spectrum includes hundreds and hundreds of different summer camps. What is the difference between each one and what makes them the perfect fit for a any given child?

Specialization Is Scary But Necessary
The simple answer is that camps are afraid that by specializing and committing to a certain target market, they are limiting their audience and might turn off potential campgoers that might not be interested in that particular specialty. And so, to play it safe, they stick to being generic. A hodgepodge or chulent of a summer camp. But, as everyone who works in advertising and marketing knows, if you try to approach everybody, you get nobody. That message has, unfortunately, not yet gotten through to the Jewish summer camp market.

The Solution
With that in mind, we wanted to go a totally different route. First we wanted to re-brand Camp Mesorah. Their true DNA is that they really focus on sports. What do I mean by that? While they offer sports that a lot of summer camps offer like hockey, football, basketball, baseball and so on, but where they stand out is that they hire coaches and trainers from professional leagues like the NHL, NBA and others. Mesorah campers don’t simply play the sports. Camp Mesorah kids can choose his or her sports specialty and be trained every single day in the sport or activity of their choice. Then when they leave camp and return to their schools, they’ve spent the whole summer training with the pros, and have now become the best athletes in their leagues. And who doesn’t want to be the star of their school, right?

Rebranding An Established Brand
So, since sports is Camp Mesorah’s DNA, we pushed them to carry this DNA proudly in their marketing and to use it as part of their title. Camp Mesorah – THE Sports Camp. Before they were just known as “Camp Mesorah”. This campaign, will distinguish them from their competition and allow them to stand out in a field of otherwise generic options.

In order to “educate” people about this re-bran,d we created a campaign that consists of various commercial ads that reinforce and solidify the notion that Camp Mesorah is THE sports camp.

Now you might be asking: But doesn’t this then exclude people who might be less interested in sports but that still want to send their kids to such a camp? How do we deal with its current customer base and how can we prevent specialization from excluding the overlapping target audiences? I will address those questions in my next post and will show you how and why we designed the campaign in the way we did.

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