The 1 Thing This Summer Camp Did to Increase Enrollment by 47%

You might know that we became really versed in helping camps grow their campers base. We have written about this extensively here  and here how we helped a camp increase enrollment by 56% to become the #1 Jewish summer camp in the northeast over the course of 4 years.

Today I want to share with you another case study of a day camp in New Jersey, and how we helped them increase early registration by 47%… without them having to change a thing about their summer camp.

Watch the video we made for them, and then I’ll share with you the secret to their HUGE increase in enrollment. It’s probably not what you think it is.


Camp Tamarack already offered state-of-the-art sports facilities, an awesome staff, hot, healthy lunches made on the premises… all the good stuff that camps need nowadays. This year the one thing they changed… was that they hired us to make their video. But it’s not just about the video; it’s how you use it that counts.

Last year they had a good amount of campers total for the summer, but it was way under capacity. They showed our video at their open house at the end of September, and by mid-October, they had 47% more signups.

I think the really innovative thing they did is that they had us produce another commercial ad of 30 seconds for TV. YES, a TV commercial. What’s so special about that? See, summer camps are usually an operation based on locality, word-of-mouth, and excited and involved parents and kids.

Now, marketing is usually a second thought in the summer camp world. A lot and I mean a LOOOT of summer camps really don’t do it right. They either don’t have any video, or they have really horrible ones. They are usually not aware that advertising the camp properly brings big results. So, in our case here with Camp Tamarack we helped increase their campers base a whopping 47%… and early registration still had a month to go before closing.

Camp Tamarack buys local TV airtime and boom, they dominate the market.

So, you might ask what is this TV commercial business? Most summer camps don’t have the guts to use TV commercials because for them it seems like a big expense. But if you run a summer camp, you’ll have virtually no competition in the TV world. Local stations charge much less than cable, and that’s where you’ll reach your target audience. I think if you look at the numbers, it pays for itself manyfold.

That’s exactly what Camp Tamarack does. It buys airtime in local cable stations and boom, they dominate the market.


Now, a video promo, and a good one, especially for a camp’s website, became standard in the past few years since we started making them for a growing number of camps. Even still, many fail to have even this basic. My wife was just looking up camps we were in touch with years ago who opted out of making a video. An astounding number of them are now extinct.

You know, video ads establish the immediate perception of market dominance and create the desire to “buy” and join you. This is especially true if you have a level playing field in that your competition has not even started with video, let alone a well-produced one.

We saw the same thing with Camp Morasha back then. Over 4 years of investing into their videos, they saw an increase in enrollment of 56%, and have had to build 13 new bunks this year to accommodate the excess growth, while there’s a long waiting list to get in.

These camps didn’t have to change one single thing about the way they’re run, their events, or facilities, in order to see the dramatic increase in growth. All they had to do was let the world know about the awesome things they ALREADY had going on. This immediately boosted their perceived value, and thus their early registration (and final registration) numbers.

If you want different results, you have to try something new.

So how did Jonathan Gold of Camp Tamarack make this sudden boost? Jonathan was a little hesitant to go with us at first, because they had a video guy they’ve been using for years. But because he wanted some different results, he decided to try us out. He was ready for a change, and took a leap of faith. We tried to make it easy for him by offering him a money-back guarantee. He’s booked us for this summer; I think he’s happy with the results. 🙂

What I like about Jonathan is that he knows what he wants, and that makes him such a great camp owner, together with the unbelievably talented Terry Castro, the camp director. She really has a sense and feel about what makes a camp great, and what parents and campers want. It was amazing to work with you guys, and I think this is part of what made the video turn out so well. Thank you for this collaboration.

Another thing that makes Camp Tamarack stand out is that it’s very wholesome, and the kids really get a lot of values out of the experience. One of the telltale signs of this is that the parents are so enthusiastic about it. The kids come for the fun, and the parents keep sending them there for the values.

We have 2 more slots open.

We will be collaborating with 4 camps this year. We have two more slots open to help camps undergo unprecedented growth. Call me or email me HERE.

Let the summer festivities commence!

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