The Jewish Vote

Have you voted yet for the World Zionist Congress delegates? Shmuel made a video for the new party in town, the Zionist Spring. Here’s the video:

>>> Click to watch.

And here’s where you vote:

The WZC meets every 4-5 years or so.  Voting for the party that will champion the Jewish causes that are important to you is how you can have your say.  Through this election, Jews around the world get to have a vote as to the policies of the Jewish Agency.

Hurry! Deadline April 30th. (That’s next week.)

Here’s the link again:

2 Responses to "The Jewish Vote"

  1. Ra'anan Elozory says:

    The content was very strong, the form felt very bare, NAKED (except for the colour in the last scene). I would have like to have seen what SUCCESS looks like instead of what just failure looks like. When I see, for example, Ben Shapiro defeat older & far more experienced commentators, THAT, for me, is success.

  2. Barry Shaw says:

    The Zionist movement seems to have fallen asleep.
    They are insufficiently pro-active in defending Israeli supporters on campus.
    They are insufficiently pro-active in creating a bigger tent of support for Israel.
    They are insufficient in their lack of dynamism.
    They are insufficient in finding the funding to counter the assaults against Israel’s legitimacy.
    They are insufficient in recruiting and training the talented young people who are ready to fight Israel’s cause.
    Let’s give Zionist Spring a chance to make a critical difference.

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