6 Ways This Jewish Day School Promotes Itself Using Video

The JDS of the Lehigh Valley has been using our video to market to prospective students (and, more importantly, their parents). A rabbi of a nearby community saw the video on Facebook and called the school with a bunch of new prospective students. It also helped the school raise a record amount of funds this year at the gala, with close to a quarter of a million dollars raised at the event alone, at which they showed the video.

Here’s the video:

>>> Click to watch.

Of course, the funds raised, and the tuition from the new students easily goes way beyond the cost of the video.

Carolyn Katwan, who has years of experience in marketing for Jewish organizations and heads up the marketing department at JDSLV, has used the video in:

1. email campaigns

2. in email signatures of key JDS staff members

3. at the gala event

4. on the school’s Facebook page

5. in Facebook ads targeted to local parents who list Jewish organizations and movements among their interests and likes

Carolyn also plans to:

6. include the video in a press release to local websites, papers with online versions, and bloggers, to capture the Jewish reader who might not be as affiliated with the Jewish community, but has an inkling that they’d like to pass something of their heritage on to their children and grandchildren.

Here’s what Carolyn has to say about working with Shmuel:

“We’re so happy we had the opportunity to work with Shmuel on a promo video for the JDS this year. So far, the feedback has been great. And while the numbers are still not in, we’ve received new inquiries from people who saw the video and wanted to know more. It’s a great tool to get the word out about the JDS – to give people a real feel for the school.
“Of course, we’re delighted with the results of the video – the look and storyline. Working with Shmuel and the process of putting this project together – from concept through filming to final cut — was a great experience. He was always professional, keeping the goals of the JDS and the needs of our target audience in mind simultaneously with every shot. The filming days were well-planned, hassle-free, and the result is a stunning video.
We were proud to introduce the video at our gala fundraiser. And with Shmuel’s thoughtful planning, insight, vision, clarity, artistic vision, experience and marketing savvy (Is that too many adjectives? We can’t say enough good things about him!), the video has a shelf-life that will allow us to continue to utilize it as a powerful recruitment tool on our website, on Facebook, and anywhere else we can.
“I highly recommend Shmuel for any marketing video for a Jewish organization. The knowledge of marketing he and his team possess turns ideas into videos that engage the viewer and enhance the final message. So what are you waiting for? Call him now!​”


Thanks Carolyn!  If you work at a private school, be sure to use Carolyn’s tips above to stretch the value of your video and give it maximum exposure.

9 Responses to "6 Ways This Jewish Day School Promotes Itself Using Video"

  1. David Rosen says:

    Wow, what a gorgeous, moving and enlightening video. Best yet from Hoffman, and that’s saying something. A tad too long, but well worth watching til then end. These guys are real pros!

  2. Margelit Hoffman says:

    Thanks, David!

  3. Kelly Reisig says:

    Another great way to not only recruit people to the school, but to inform all constituents about the school culture. Great job!

  4. David Kuchta says:

    What a great video. Public schools are lacking that togetherness and willing to learn. If i was Jewish and had children and lived in the Leigh Valley, I would certainly enroll them in that Jewish Day School.

    • Margelit Hoffman says:

      Thank you David – it is such a shame that public school really generally does not have the atmosphere required for real learning to happen. Major overhaul is sorely needed in the public system. Until then, we do our best to afford private school. Not the ideal solution in terms of not supporting public schools, but we’re not willing to sacrifice the education of our children.

  5. Julie Neidich says:

    This is a really wonderful introduction to a remarkable school. I’m sending the link to the head of my son’s Jewish day school. His school is also truly remarkable, and goes through high school. Perhaps TVT will contact you, too!

  6. Ra'anan says:

    Totally feel good clip! What’s the MOST you could want from a school? Well, we do that AND MORE (security, feeling good about selves)! I love that one sky shot over the school & the way you guys lit their blue ideas with such a warmth. Sincere sweetness exudes even from the youngest talent.The parental comparison to a GOOD public school took it up another notch. I like the grandfather point of view as tying up the whole presentation. How did you know to address all of these ideas? Did you just shoot & edited according to content or did you steer the interviews? Did you prep the talent before shooting or did you just let ’em talk? How long did the shoot take? How long after each interview until you edit? EXCELLENT WORK! I just NOW have time to see this!

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