The Trials & Triumphs of a Frum Victim of Domestic Violence

You may have seen this video already – it’s already been shared close to 3,000 times on social media.
OHEL Family Services, one of my favorite clients with whom I’ve done many projects, approached me a few months ago asking for a concept.  They wanted to create a film – together with Charlie Harary – against domestic violence, and the impact that OHEL Family has in helping people in those situations. I think it was one of the most touching – and most difficult – projects that I have worked on.
It was difficult because domestic violence is a very important topic and it can go into either one of two directions: if it isn’t super-kitschy, then the message will be flat. And how it will go really depends on the protagonist who carries the message.  It’s hard to find someone who carries the message honestly and without wearing a mask.
It would have been tough to find such a person, but since OHEL has helped so, so many victims of domestic violence, they had a large pool from which to choose. What struck me the most about Elisheva’s story was the little things that OHEL staff members did that showed her that they care, like the party they threw for her and the cake they bought when she finally…  well, I don’t want to give it all away.  Just watch the film:
>>> Click to watch.
OHEL is asking that you please share Elisheva’s story in any way you can – on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or even just showing this video to a friend in person.  Who knows – you may just give someone in a terrible situation the courage to leave, and to start life afresh in a new, positive environment.

11 Responses to "The Trials & Triumphs of a Frum Victim of Domestic Violence"

  1. David Rosen says:

    I would very much like the view the video but can’t find a link. I am a big fan of your work.

  2. Margelit Hoffman says:

    Working on it!!! 🙂

  3. David Rosen says:

    Thanks for making the video run. It is a very moving and uplifting story story well told. OHEL is doing wonderful work. My only technical criticisms are the the music in the first half is too loud, repetitive and distracting and the set seems sterile. As the video progresses the music fades and the images get better.

    • Margelit Hoffman says:

      Funny – we didn’t choose the music or do the editing. 🙂 That was another production company. You have a good eye!

  4. I am also a survivor. Apparently this woman has got a lot more help than I did and is successful in living on her own. I’m not. Though I have moved on, I still live in terrible poverty and struggle every day to pay bills and eat.

  5. Craig Mawson says:

    Great job. Shows allot of courage that people in that situation can’t find in themselves.

  6. Evan Lerner says:

    What a wonderful video, Shmuel. We’ve been working with OHEL for a long time and it is indeed a wonderful organization. For me the message of your video is one that I unfortunately recognize too often: “It can happen here.”

  7. Miriam Marcus says:

    What moved me most was seeing the interviewer also shed a tear when Elisheva described how she was now married and had a child.

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