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Is Video Production Really That Expensive?
Ok, it’s out today. Today Camp Morasha is launching the first commercial ad for their summer camp that we produced over the summer. This project was quite unique because I’m not aware of another Jewish non-profit that takes advertising as seriously as Camp Morasha does. And their success proves that it’s really worth it to invest into advertising and video and media production on the highest level.
They grew over 60% in two years from 450 campers to over 700 this summer.
“But Shmuel, we don’t have the money to afford a professional campaign like this.”
Really? Most of you want to raise millions of dollars, have students sign up for trips to Israel, schools and seminaries. Let’s look at how Jeremy Joszef does and did.

As many of you by now know, Jeremy is the director and marketing genius behind Camp Morasha. He asks a very different question. Instead of looking at the budget of his marketing efforts alone, he asks:
“How many new campers do I need to get in order to just pay for the commercial production?”

He calculates the potential growth he is looking for and builds the marketing cost right into that. So, If you have a great product and you need more people to buy your product or sign up, invest in it. You owe it to yourself and the company you work for.
Camp Morasha got over 300 additional campers in the two year period in which I’ve been making their videos, and in which Jeremy’s marketing plans have been implemented. Morasha’s tuition is roughly $6-8000 per camper. Take out your calculator and ask yourself if the gain was worth it for Jeremy to make that investment. Now, this calculation includes ONLY the growth over the two years. Now there are another 400 baseline number of campers or so that they average every given year anyway.

For obvious reasons  I can’t tell you the budget of those productions (feel free to contact me for a quote 🙂 but let me assure you it was a fraction of what they made in revenue. So, it’s much less expensive than you think. (Given you have a good product to promote.  Good advertising makes a bad product fail faster.)

Click Image to Play the Video

Be Innovative, Be Brave, Be The Best
Jeremy wants to make Camp Morasha the best Jewish camp experience that is out there (and it is).  He wants the advertising to reflect that. It’s like when you meet a new person. You don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. That’s advertising. We take this seriously to the extreme and try to go above and beyond in our productions, especially when the client supports us in this mission. And indeed, Jeremy does.

Be Fanatic About Your Results
Prior to going up to camp we worked 2 months on the ads before a single shot was filmed. We had meetings with Jeremy, analyzed the message we wanted to get across, the look and feel.  We brainstormed a hurricane. We wanted to give the best that we could get together. We created scripts for each commercial and storyboarded it as well.

More Is More
Camp Morasha made Jewish history by being the first among Jewish camps (or maybe all camps) to order 10 commercial film ads that are not only fun and engaging, but are very effective from a marketing perspective and strategy. Many of our clients invest into one film, a promo or a commercial. It takes at least 7 ad impressions until your audience acts upon your message. Now, with one promo you can approach your target audience only… well, one time. So, if you want to approach them more than that, you need other good reasons to send emails to your target audience. Now, with 10 commercials you have more than enough legitimate excuses for contacting your potential customers 10 times throughout the year.  The probability to buy from you is now 10 times higher because what gets repeated gets usually bought. How often have you heard how awesome and easy the iPhone is to use? Yeah, that’s why this is one of the most sold phones ever.


We stayed very close to the script, and I knew exactly what I needed to shoot. The script was guiding me the whole time and I could play and edit the film in my head every time we filmed an additional scene. It was amazing to see how it all came together.

Would love to hear what you think about this sports ad for Camp Morasha.


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    That is very cool and impressive. I like that it shows both boys and girls participating in the sports.

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    Thank you, Regina.

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