How To Create Ideas That Sell


As you might know by now, I’m with my wife and my kids here in Northeastern Pennsylvania to shoot a bunch of commercials for the Jewish summer camp Morasha. Its been a great experience. We basically have six weeks to shoot the footage to make it happen. It sounds like a lot of time, but given the amount of setups and coordination involved, it’s a herculean effort. We basically came up with 10 different concepts for commercials; each of the films addresses a different aspect or detail about Camp Morasha.



Nowadays the way we work on most projects is:

1. Once the client decides we’re the ones they want to make the video, we come up with a concept that matches their goals and target audience.  We tend to lean toward concepts that either have a twist (as long as it’s not kitschy) or echo art films.  This is a far cry from most of the videos we are seeing these days for Jewish institutions.

2.  We put together a script/storyboard that not only helps the client visualize what we have in mind, but it helps us see the kind of logistics that will be attached to the project, including locations, cast, and time it will take to film.

3.  Once the client approves, we spend as much time as we can on pre-production (planning said logistics) so that, once we’re ready to film, things go as smoothly as possible.


The first concept we put together for Morasha this year is “Anu Bnei Morasha”. Its basically Camp Morasha’s hymn or theme song, and we matched images to the words, without being too literal. This is purely a feel-good and branding piece. We are trying to portray a feeling of youth, freedom, silliness, and the potential for achievement. The potential to fulfill our dreams.




Anu Bnei Morasha Ad Script

5 Responses to "How To Create Ideas That Sell"

  1. Ahuvah Gray says:

    Shalom Shmuel,
    Good to hear from you. I looked at the Anu beini Morasha script and I feel that your approach to pre- production and filming is very professional.
    Ahuvah Gray

  2. Ra'anan says:

    I had to email you privately so you could see my notes under your shot list.

  3. Shmuel Hoffman says:

    Thanks, guys for your notes here. Ra’anan. I’ll looked at your notes and many of them make sense to me. Great job. Thank you.

    • Betty Aptaker says:

      Very interested to learn your process. Sounds good to me.
      And thanks for the tutorial. I am about to go into business in competition with you.
      Camp looks good. I hope you’re having
      a fulfilling summer. Love, B…………..

  4. Regina Brenner says:

    Your approach is much more artistic and therefore touches people to look deeper on what is available.

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