The (Jimi) Houston Experience

Sorry for the Jimi reference; my wife couldnt resist. Maybe one day she’ll explain to me what she’s referring to.

If we’re connected on Facebook, you know I’ve had a whirlwind month. I came back from Germany, arrived in Newark, had a client meeting that afternoon on Long Island, then drove three hours home. Next day, I had two filming days in Brooklyn and Lakewood, then met my wife in Newark to fly to Houston for the weekend, and when we came back I didn’t come home but went straight to Brooklyn for another five days shooting.

Whew.  (That’s a lot of laundry, my wife wants you to know.)

My wife and I at Newark airport.

Anyway, before we get too far out, I wanted to share with you our experience in Houston. We went, of course, to go to the awards ceremony for Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, and to go to the U.S. (and world) premiere of our film, The A.R.K. Report.

But first we had Shabbos in Houston! What a great community!  The Lazaroffs have been there for 40 years building it up, and it just goes to show you what dedication and hard work will do.  We stayed by our friends the Trusches, who import a Chinese spirit called byejoe to the U.S. Bye Joe, it rules. It’s smoother than vodka, which of course is the normal staple at farbrengen, and I foresee that byejoe will be the new staple for yeshiva bochrim and baalei bayit alike who want to have a good lechaim without the ugly aftertaste.  I’m pretty sure we had about ten shots each.  I was a bit hungover on the plane ride coming back, but it was so worth it.

So anyway, we won the gold Remi award, and I’ll hopefully get a copy of this framed poster to prove it:

With Harry Moskoff, executive producer, and Jim Long, associate producer.

So yeah, if you follow us on Facebook, you’ll know about this conversation:

This wasn’t the first time we’ve seen The A.R.K. Report on the big screen; we had a private screening at the classic Roxy theater in Northampton, PA months ago. But since we hadn’t watched it since then, and since we haven’t been immersed in the dark editing cave, seeing it this time with some distance (and in Blu-Ray) was a wholly different experience.

Anyway, Houston was great, and we’re hoping for more wins at more festivals.  We will mos def keep you posted. Now it’s back to work.  🙂


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  1. David Komer says:

    L’chayim! I was born and raised in Houston, didn’t appreciate it till I left. They’ve taken down six flags, but next time you go- hit up the IMAX. It’s gigantic, and there’s a Dave and Busters right next door. 🙂

    Would have been great to go home and watch your film on the big screen. Next time…

  2. Ra'anan says:

    Wow! Going higher & higher!!!

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