I’m totally flooded with emotions. I just got out of the Pesach holiday vacation and my wife informs me that we won our first festival. Its the International Film Festival in Houston Texas. We got the Remi Award. And this is double-puzzling because this has been the first festival that our exec producer Harry Moskoff submitted the film to.  I still don’t believe it because, you know, most first films are terrible. I have seen a bunch of my favorite directors’ first films, and they’re just not good. So, I’m thinking to myself, it must be either an error or Hashem had some mercy and wanted it to win.


Anyway.  I agree with Picasso. “The day I finish a painting is the day I’m finished!” That’s the way I feel about my films; they’re never really done.  I always see more tweaks that could be made but our executive producer Harry Moskoff, thank Gd, was like, “Deadline!”  My clients really keep me in line.

Even if the film is good, come on, it’s the first. Has a first-time pilot ever carried passengers on his first flight? How much more so I’m surprised it got even mentioned in a festival where there were more than 4500 entries from around the globe.

One thing I can tell you though, it feels amazing to get this thing. Because you don’t know what will come out of it (and you don’t know what went into it!) In the end it was really a concerted effort of so many people. Thanks to Harry Moskoff that you believed that we could do this and that it could win. Now that we won, I have to say, Harry, I never believed we would. I fooled you when I said: No problem, we make it work! 😉  But my father in law always says: Fake it till you make it. It worked at least this time. Thank you Saba Shalom

Seriously my believing that the worst will happen somehow protects me from getting my hopes up and having them dashed.  Like years ago, on a much smaller scale, when my wife told me I’d win the Nefesh B’Nefesh contest, I didn’t believe her for a second, but I made the video anyway and won.

So to continue my acceptance speech, 🙂 I want to thank our amazingly dedicated team that went with me through this crazy production. And lastly there are two more people that I thank from the bottom of my heart. It’s Hashem and my wife. Thank you that you support me in every turn of this life and I don’t stop learning what it means to become a better soul every day.

May G-d bless everyone who had a part in this and it will further your career and blessings.

Check out the official A.R.K. Report website here.

Buy your tickets to the screening of the film in Houston on Sunday, April 21st here.




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    Thank you, Ra’anan.

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