Last time, I admitted my biggest failure and you might have read it. If not, here is that post. Today, I want to do maybe my craziest post. What is it about? It’s about giving your hard earned money away in order to increase sales and business. If this sounds familiar skip this post altogether. If you think I’m nuts please read on.

Tzeddaka=Charity, THE Jewish Trade
Its a big thing. Charity is maybe the number one mitzvah in Judaism. Even an evil person can rectify himself by giving charity. And charity doesn’t necessarily mean to give away a LOT of money. It’s more important to do it often than to do a bunch all at once. Do it many, many times. Its basically about the habit of giving.

Now what has this to do with business? Charity creates a vessel here on earth that needs to be filled. If you give away money for a good cause, for a person in need, you empty that money vessel.  Since it has positive attributes attached to it, Gd wants to refill this vessel once again.

The More You Give, The More Money You’ll Receive
“Ok, I get this, so whats the point of this?” you might ask? I stand straight here and proclaim that the more you give away your money to charity the more business you will attract. And I have tested it on the ground, in the trenches. Seriously.

I run my own video and online advertising business and as in every business we have ups and downs. You know what I’m talking about. But the downs can be sometimes scary, right?  There are times when you think to yourself, “Is this now over with the business, nobody wants my product or service?” One thing I learned about business dropping down is that I probably haven’t given charity in a while. So, here is how it goes.

My Wife: “Give a Donation With No Money in The Bank.”
I tell my wife: “A lot of contracts are in the air but nothing has come through for weeks. The check that one client owes me still since 2 months hasn’t been paid yet. ”

She would then reply: “Have you given tzeddaka?”

I say: “No. From what money? I haven’t made any money in a while. The deals are still not closed.”

She replies: “Send a $X check to XXX organization/individual.”

I think to myself that she is crazy and I don’t have the money sitting in my account. But like every good husband I just listen to her, write a check and send it out in the mail. But I’m very worried when they deposit the check it will bounce. You would worry too, right?

Do You Believe in Miracles?
And then the miracle happens. First, the client who owes me money, the check just arrives the very same day that I sent out the charity check. Then I would close one deal after another.

So, you think I just generalize and try to make a story out of it? But you know what, it happens over and over again.

Have You Ever Had No Income For Three Months and 5 People to Feed?
Last year, for example we did not have much business for at least two months. I was pursuing other ideas at the same time. But hell was this scary. Because we burned through more cash then I was making. Then when it was too scary to handle on my own I said to Margelit: “I have not closed a new deal in months.” And as you can imagine she replied with the same old line: “Have you given tzeddaka? ”
“But from what account?” I ask.
“Just give it,” she says.

Ok, good husband duty and I write a check for the sake of Shalom Bayis. And you know what happened next? Two days later we were closing our biggest deal ever. It was almost half of our income for the year. That was plain crazy.

My doubter friends have some very important answer to this: “Yeah, well this is an accident. That can happen.”
My answer to this is: “It happens so many times that I can’t even count.”

Come On. Give It a Try.
Try it out. Give before you receive. Or better yet, when you are close to making a deal you want. What we do is that we write a check of 10% of the amount that the deal was worth, since you’re supposed to give 10% of what you earn to charity. That’s scary too. Because what happens if the deal doesn’t work out?

I tell you what happens. You force Gd to make the deal because He doesn’t want you to come to him and say: “Hey, I followed your law and gave away YOUR money. So, please be so kind and send it down.”

What are your tzeddaka stories? What did you experience when you gave donations first?
Am super curious to know.




  1. Shmuel, you are totally right. It works. I’ve found that the same is true for sitting down to learn Torah. Learn More = Earn More.

    Thanks for sharing your story! Chag Kasher V’Sameyach!

    • Shmuel Hoffman says:

      Holy sh!@#. You too?
      I can’t believe. Yessss, I found that connection between learning = earning in the same fashion. That is spooky. I thought its just me. That is probably one of my next blog posts.
      Since we are talking. There is one more thing. The Lubavitcher Rebbe talked about heart = parnassa.
      You know me, I had a heart, right? I shaved last year around this time and did not have income for months. Then I stopped and we got great deals again. Its crazy.

  2. Shmuel,

    I will relate something similar for your readers.

    A former neighbor of mine is very wealthy and I asked him to come speak to a business networking group I was in at the time. (It was GBN Shmuel, but this was after you left I think.)

    I asked him to talk about how he became wealthy so that we could do the same thing.

    He gave an impassioned speech where he explained that once he was a regular guy, way in overdraft at the bank. He was giving tzedaka — 12% of his income. Someone successful said he had to up it to 20% (the maximum allowed by Jewish Law in most cases) and then he would be successful.

    He tried it out. He started writing post-dated checks to charity similar to what you wrote.

    He said that within a year he was a millionaire and his wealth has kept growing ever since. He also said that he has given this advice to many people and claimed that every person that ever did it got rich.

    We are giving it a try. The results have been somewhat mixed, but we have definitely had our best years ever since we started doing it.

    So if 10% works well for you, try upping it to 20%. 😉

  3. Shmuel Hoffman says:

    Wow guys, listen to this.
    I just wrote two pretty good checks to two charities because my client called me up that he wants to make the decision about a pretty big contract in the next few days. We wrote a check and paid some with our debit card online. That was an hour ago. He just called me up 2 minutes ago and is ready to go forward. Wow. Every time I’m astonished how this works. Hashem thank you for all your doing.

  4. I own a top 25 US pr firm – http://www.5wpr.com – and completely agree with what you say. Give more money away and you will make more money. Great post.

  5. Michal says:

    So true! I do this incredible event every year for charity coutureforacauseny.com and put in hours if my time and services. But it never hurts my business even though it takes me away from paying clients and only makes it stronger. I also am always asking various businesses to donate towards raffles and sponsorship. I know that whatever they give they will get bank and then some!

  6. Shmuel Hoffman says:

    thanks everyone. I’m so glad that its not just me that experiences this. Now, what do you think what we can do in order to let other business men know about it?
    Am not sure if this is widely known?

  7. Benno says:

    I am spiritual but not religious and I believe very deeply in contributing to the greater good. I set aside 12% of all our revenue (after taxes and 10% to savings) to give to charities and causes I believe in. I don’t know if it helps my business or not, that’s not the point for me. The point for me is to give and help.

  8. Shmuel Hoffman says:

    Hey Benno,

    super. Love that you do that. The idea is that people are different, right? Some are naturally giving some others need a motivation for themselves to do good for others. In Judaism its built right in. Even if you DONT feel giving if you do it for the reason of increasing your business that great too. Because in the end you are still giving. What counts is the act itself not necessarily the intention behind it. Like the saying goes: Deeds are worth more then words.

  9. Aretha says:

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  10. Sam Longoria says:

    Yes, it works. My Grandmother told me to, when I was little, so I do it. Thank you for posting this wonderful post!

  11. Shmuel Hoffman says:

    Sam, thats awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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