Trailer for The A.R.K. Report Film

Finally we did it. We are in the final steps of finishing up the film. Our executive producer, Harry Moskoff, and his wife came in for a visit, and we held a private screening of the film at The Roxy Theater in Northampton.  It was such a great feeling to finally have something to show for all the hard work we did.  We invited some friends, associates and team members. We got some really good, insightful feedback from the audience.  Its such a difference to see it on screen then looking at it just in front of your computer or small TV.  Thank you, Harry and the entire team, for taking the leap and having us make this film together. It’s been the experience of a lifetime.

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  1. sarah nathan (as in rafi nathans wife) says:

    OMG!!!!!!! SO MUCH FREAKING TALENT IN ONE SHORT CLIP. deff peeked my interest. although, im a bit scared of the sequin lady who is missing a tooth, im actually really scared to watch it….but i will…how and when can we see this? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ITS ABOUT, but i for to find out!!!! So incredible Shmuel….so so impressive.

  2. Ra'anan says:

    A lot of tension, nice shots. Didn’t expect historical clips!

  3. Nathan Blair says:

    Great work Shmuel! This looks very bazaar, and interesting :) And this was all done via DSLR?! Very impressive! Funny thing– I actually just got off a shoot with Pascal! We’re approaching a pickup shoot this Saturday on a film called “La Lettre”. He’s a great guy. Anyway, congratulations on your first film! And drop me a line sometime if you want some DP geek chat ;)


  4. Hi Schmuel;

    I look forward to seeing this film. Sounds very interesting, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film based on Jewish mysticism like this come out before. The Christian community has quite a bit of this kind of thing, but this is the first Jewish one I’ve ever heard of. Definitely want to see it. I’m a student of some of the philosophical studies you mentioned in the film. Congratulations on producing it, and when a couple of films I’m working on slowly come out … I’ll send you a notice as well :)



  5. Hi Schmuel
    I found the film very intriguing and cannot wait to see it. Well done on the camera angles:)) it really highlighted the “mystic” element of the story – right up my street.

  6. Robert says:

    Looks great, sounds great! Love the “noir” sequence. Kudos!

  7. Shmuel Hoffman says:

    Hi Everyone,

    thanks so much for all your encouraging comments. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say to the final film.

  8. HARRY says:

    Hi guys. For those who wish to know more and follow the film through the festivals, etc. you can point them to our official site:
    and Facebook fanpage as well. Thanks!

  9. Jan LeVan says:

    Fantastic Shmuel. Intriguing trailer!
    I would expect nothing less.
    Well Done!

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