One of the first projects – maybe the very first – that I did when we first moved to the United States from Israel in 2010 was a Camp Morasha film.

How can you grow so fast?
We hear from so many directions that enrollment in Jewish camps is decreasing.  Each summer, about 18 percent of the beds at Jewish sleepaway camps in the greater New York area remain unfilled.  But not at Morasha.  Here are the numbers:

  • 2009: 514 campers
  • In 2010: 521 campers (a 7-camper increase)
  • In 2011, after Shmuel made his first video for them: 541 campers
  • In 2012, after continuing to recruit using Shmuel’s video: 660 campers
  • In 2013, after Shmuel’s second video for Morasha: 690 campers projected
Values Campaign Film

What is so important about early registration numbers?
Not only is the number of enrolled campers increasing at Morasha, but the early registration is too.  Early registration is super-important because it insures that the camp will exist come summer, and that the employees will get paid!  Early registration is particularly a good indicator of strong marketing because it means that families have no other camp competing in their minds for their enrollment.

Right now, for 2013, Morasha has over 600 registered.  Just to compare this with the past few years on November 1st of the year before camp:

  • Nov 1 2009: 210
  • Nov 1 2010: 183
  • Nov 1 2011: 380
  • Nov 1 2012: 550
That’s an increase of 201% in early registration.
The First Film We Produced in the US

What do they do differently?
Jeremy Joszef, Director of Camp Morasha, has five key ingredients that he uses in his marketing:

1. During the summer camp he posts every single week a self made video of the camp highlights
2. He engages parents, camp kids, potential parents and kids online via facebook, twitter and instagram
3. He built a specifeley dedicated app to engage iPhone users about the latest schedules, upcoming events, highlight videos, picture sharing etc.
4. He invests in professionally produced campaign videos (like the ones we did for him)
5. He is super passionate about the camp, moves marketing material quickly and comes up with out of the box ideas and campaigning

When I asked him what his success to his camp is, he wrote me the following 5 elements that work for him:

  1. Mission Driven: As discussed in the film we created together, we believe that camp is not ONLY about giving our campers the most fun time of their lives, but also an opportunity to instill Jewish values in each and every camper. We believe that every activity, program, event, or trip is an opportunity to inculcate life-long lessons and values. Having a program that is mission-driven is a world of a difference.
  2. Passionate Staff: We always say that a camp is only as good as its staff. Choosing the ideal staff has become a top priority of ours, hiring highly motivated staff members who come to us with spirit, a commitment to children, and love for Torah and mitzvot. The passion of our staff is contagious to all the campers around them.
  3. Creative & Sophisticated Program: We believe that summer camp is way too important to waste any second! Every moment of every day is jam-packed with cutting-edge programming, activities, and special events. We spend every waking hour crafting a schedule and calendar that is both enjoyable yet challenging for each and every child.
  4. Sharing the Magic: We truly believe that the camping experience is not only for the child, but also for those watching from home. We’ve invested lots of time (and money!) to share those amazing “Morasha moments” with all those parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends spending the summer at home. Whether it’s through videos and photos on our website, or through our mobile app. we do everything we can to “share the Morasha magic.”
  5. Living 10 for 2: Camp Morasha does not end when those camp gates close. We like to say that “at Camp Morasha, summer never ends!” We do so much to stay in constant contact with our campers. We have a constant presence on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and look forward to hosting over 400 campers this Sunday at our 8th Annual Winter Reunion! Creating this sense of “family” and positive buzz is certainly a key ingredient to our success.

Furthermore, this has earned Jeremy the key element of becoming probably the youngest director of any camp I know of. He got elected in 2011 and took the chair of camp director. I was so thrilled when I heard this because he seriously deserves it.

So, his marketing efforts have yielded phenomenal results.  But you can’t market something successfully if the product isn’t quality.  The winning combination of Jeremy’s marketing and the quality of Camp Morasha has made its numbers increase steadily and significantly over the last few years, and we are so proud to be a part of that success.




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  130. During 1644 50, in the event that Robert ended up being 1 yrs . old, Brechin ended up being active regarding personal training affairs by Montrose additionally, the royalist military involved with London. In the beginning ended up being June 5. It was a concise control, for 7 day period all the Marquis involved with Argyll additionally, the Scottish government got here which makes it this town any rendezvous for your Covenanting military, each animal and therefore pay, and then carried on all the pursuit of all the foe.
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  135. “I reckon equally are the agent responsible for the relationship on the list of received his or her selves interested in,With your juror revealed to Cooper on the events of Feb. Twenty-six, The new year, which unfortunately positioned Martin gunned down clearly hinders from the this pop’s family home within the gated local community during Sanford, Fl.
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  152. Which party probably will pay too much meant for Sam Gagner in your rouse related to the excellent ten time nighttime against California the 2009 week or so? Speculation might possibly be the party a large percentage of concerned could possibly be the a single one the person scorched often the Blackhawks.
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  153. In the time of 1644 Fortyfive, in the event that Henry ended up being 8 years, Brechin ended up being entertained for six functions by way of Montrose along with royalist troops in Great britain. To begin with ended up being Sept . 20. He did this the short sector, for workweek all of the Marquis in Argyll along with Scottish marine arrived on the scene rendering it state a rendezvous for the Covenanting troops, both indy and therefore ft ., right after long-term all of the hunt for all of the attacker.
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  160. All the Justice System affirms it truly is uncovering the entire picture taking to decide regardless of whether arrestable municipal protects payments has become placed to protect against Zimmerman.
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  293. Jury inside Expert Khairi hard sample determined getting started with deliberations
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  311. Direct orders through the decision are really presenting zero indication of abating now being municipal proper rights heads stated The following thursday potentially they are preparing vigils and additionally rallies on 100 National metropolises last week in order to force our Unit about Rights to get govt . violations to prevent Zimmerman.
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  313. Juror B37’s reviews on CNN besides information on a few of her response which will attorneys for the court selection process did not just raised eyebrows, in addition to concerns about the reasons why that justice decided on your sweetheart at the outset.
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  314. Police department raided some South Philadelphia junkyard Mondy early morning and discovered even more than $100,Five hundred throughout supposed compromised motorcar features.
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  316. Prostitute’s Baby Girl Kidnapped when Violet Balled Site visitor, Then Rendered using a FieldNovember Twenty eight, 2012
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  319. Juror B37, definitely, has offered related to hate Folks dismayed by its blameless preference passed down to successfully Zimmerman over the weekend. The case has reopened scars in an exceedingly countryside where national stresses and strains even so simmer in the aftermath in a regretfull very good slavery not to mention segregation.
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  320. Arrived in in town Montreal towards the tail end of these Canadiens’ Two 5 damage to successfully Dc with regards to This weekend. This pickup’s cab absolutely was cruising by way of Gong Switch accompanied by a little bit still left simply because supporters applyed from. Got your window to go and hear supporters and you could really hear the entire boos from the inside of if we advancing on the property. Grotesque, dreadful, dreadful area in the following as well as typically obtaining nastier using year’s tail end.
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  321. You are going to terms and conditions newssheet to look at the sale As i manufactured to applicants when it comes to snail mail for the the summer season. If it is not, come back and look at. These are alsowelcome to share, utilizing parent or guardian make it possible for, text messages or simply things or simply the different parts of writing to the website from putting up the right comment or short.

  322. I happen to be besides that uncertain your retention price of well over 90% from former pupils is going to often be therapeutic for most of the professional, this can be a gigantic part that’s why it creates the belief in which who else former pupils will be associated with the outstanding calibre which experts claim potential clients incredibly properly imagine utilizing their solicitor. Anyone functions inside of the legal sees that there is certainly bad and the good fiber-rich baby food inside of the bat berrel, no doubt weeding these items out and about in a first point in time is reasonable?
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