As you know, we’ve been  contracted to make our first film.  You know so far we’ve made mostly short promotional videos and commercials (I think we have close to 100 under our belts) but this is like a film film.  As in a we-want-to-take-it-to-film-festivals film. Its exciting, exhilarating, and scary all at once. I can’t tell you what kind of a thrilling roller coaster it has been so far.

We started meeting with Harry Moskoff from Moskoff Media several times in December last year. He came to us to help him to make a concept for a film about finding the Ark of the Covenant. Harry himself is a scientist, archeologist and researcher. He’s passionate – shall we say obsessed? – with figuring out where the Ark is today.  (I, for one am quite thankful for his obsession!)  Harry has a theory on where the Ark is, and that’s what we’d like to expose in this film.

So, what’s the Ark?  The Ark is basically a box with two cherubs on top of it.  You know, the object in Raiders of The Lost… you guessed it.  The Jews carried it around with them in the desert for 40 years.  Later, when King Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem, the Ark was in the inner chamber – the holy of holies – of the temple. Before the destruction of the first temple,  the Ark was hidden away so that Nebudchadnetzar, the king of Babylon, wouldn’t take it and defile or destroy it.

The Ark included both sets of original tablets containing the 10 commandments that Moses brought down from Mount Sinai, and the original handwritten Torah scroll of Moses (Deuteronomy).  Other articles, i.e. – the staff of Aharon, and a jug of manna (the bread that Gd fed to the Hebrews in the desert) are not in the Ark itself, but were hidden in the same vaulted chamber along with the Ark, where they supposedly remain to this very day, almost 3000 years later.

There are many theories about where the Ark is today. Some say it’s in the desert, buried underground.  Some say its under the temple mount in Jerusalem.  There is also the opinion that the Vatican has it stored its archives.

Harry’s done a lot of research and has developed a very solid theory that points to the exact location where he thinks the Ark is hidden.  After 20 years of digging into this stuff (figuratively), he felt the need to pass this info on to the public. IMG 1255 He tried his luck with a few different production companies before coming to us.  He told us he wanted something completely different.  Man, that was tough. He had already gone through so many ideas on how to get the point across. He started the documentary, he was playing with animation, docu drama. What could we come up with that was completely new?

After long hours and nights working on a concept, we decided to pitch the idea of a sci fi movie. Not the kind that you would think of. No spaceships, light sabers or warp mode. Rather in the sense of a sci fi film a la Stalker from Andrej Tarkovski, one of my favorite films. Margelit put together a rough story and we pitched it to Harry. He said that this was an outrageous concept and he went with it. We took a road trip to Toronto to discuss the details, and we worked out a solid agreement on how to pursue the making of this film.

Production is planned for the end of October. Now we’re busy getting it all together so that production will go smoothly.  Along the way, we’ll be sharing with you bits and pieces of our process.  We have no idea how a film is made but others in the industry – we only know how to do it our way – and what kind of pitfalls we will fall into, and what kind of exciting things we will meet on our journey. We want to share with you everything that we learn and we also want to listen what you have to say your ideas.

Now, to give you an idea of the feel (slightly noir-ish) of what we’re going for, here’s some of Tarkovsky’s Stalker.

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