5 Tips for Marketing on Instagram

I’ve already talked quite a bit here about Pinterest– how and why you should be using it- and now it’s time to turn our attention to the other rising star in the online photo sharing world, Instagram.

According to Simply Measured, 40% of the world’s biggest brands are active on Instagram. Starbucks is particularly renown for their successful marketing campaigns on Instagram, which involves offering fans unique content and encouraging them to share their own. Some of the other brand leaders on Instagram include MTV, Nike and Audi.

Simply Measured says  Instagram has grown at a much faster rate than the two most popular social media networks, Twitter and Facebook. In just two years Instagram has reached nearly 100 million users, which took Facebook four years to accomplish and Twitter five.

So how can you use Instagram in your marketing activities?

Here are some suggestions:
1. Promote upcoming events with fun and creative photos.

2. Host a photo contest in which users take pictures of themselves with your product.

3. Help audiences get to know your company through fun pictures of your staff and your workplace. Encourage your employees to submit pictures of themselves as well.

4. Reach out to other Instagram users by liking and commenting on their pictures, especially those who mention your brand.

5. Create and promote your own hashtags so that you can track references to your brand. This is also a good way for other users to find your pictures.

Instagram can be a fantastic marketing tool but keep in mind that it’s somewhat limited because it’s only available as an app for mobile phones. So to get the most out of Instagram you should use it with other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr, where your pics can be shared and discussed.


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