Kickstarter Stats [Infograph]

Here are some interesting stats about Kickstarter campaigns from

  • 41% of kickstarter projects fail
  • The most popular and competitive projects (based on the number of projects submitted) are film and video (this gives me hope!), music (no. 2), publishing (no. 3), art (no. 4) and theater (no. 5). Technology placed in the no. 12 spot.
  • The average duration of a successful campaign is 38 days. The average for an unsuccessful campaign is 43 days. Less is more.
  • Successful projects average $5487 as their goal. Unsuccessful projects average $16,365 as their goal. Less is more!
  • 8.5% of funded projects receive more than double their goal.

A good way to get the word out about your Kickstarter project is through email marketing and these articles offer some helpful tips on how to get started. Also take a look at my article, 5 Musts for A Killer Kickstarter Campaign.

And stay tuned for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign for The ARK Report!

3 Responses to "Kickstarter Stats [Infograph]"

  1. Wonderful info graphic, though the information contained is similar to what I have read in the past, it is nice to see that the numbers are fairly stable. I have been using data like this in effort to optimize my own upcoming Kickstarter.

    • What kind of project are you kickstarting, David? How has the info you’ve learned shaped your campaign?

      • I plan on starting a Kickstarter project to fund a comic book next month with a friend of mine. Keeping the answer to your question positive, I think that the biggest hing I have learned is that quality projects rise to the top. While only 40% of all Kickstarter projects fund, 80% of featured projects and 50% of projects with videos fund. The best projects are the most successful, and projects where people really put the time and effort into it are also more successful than average.

        Of course there are tons of other factors like advertising, reasonable goals, and reward tiers to cover as well. I actually plan on going over this very topic in the near future on my own blog. I’ll be sure to let you know when I do.

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