Ed Dale’s 7 Tips for Better Social Marketing Results

As the largest social network on the Internet, Facebook is the place to see and be seen.  Yes, folks, it’s still bigger than the USA.

These days almost every business has its own Facebook page, and with all of the handy 3rd-party apps available, it’s easier than ever for busy business owners to maintain their pages without ever actually visiting Facebook.  But, as I just found out, these time-saving applications come with a price.

Ed Dale, the creator of the 30-Day Challenge (where I first learned about online marketing and blogging.  Thanks Ed!)  was one of the first to discover, quite by accident, that when he manually updated his Facebook page, and responded to comments, the feedback from his followers was drastically higher than when he performed these activities through an application.

It seemed that apparently Dale’s followers preferred it when he actually interacted with them and shared with them fresh information that wasn’t just sent over from his Twitter feed. And when other Internet marketers tested this out for themselves, they too found that their readers responded in the same way.

Is this by choice of the fans, or is it Facebook’s way of giving algorithmic preference to those actually interacting via the Facebook interface?  I’d love to know.

Regardless, based on his findings Dale began to change the way that he uses Facebook, and some of his other applications, in order to get better results from his Facebook marketing activities.

Here are some of the tips that Dale shares in a recent article he wrote about Internet marketing and Facebook:

1. Schedule a time each day to sign into Facebook and respond to comments.

2. Use Buffer to update your Facebook page with new content from your blog or website.

3. Don’t send automatic Tweets from your Facebook page, unless your Facebook page is the main site  that you want to send your customers to.

4. Turn on automatic tweets for each new piece of content on your blog.

5. Focus on making creative and original content rather then reiterating information that is already available on-line. If you see something you like, then share it rather than rewrite it. 

6. Make sure to +1 every post on your blog with the Public setting on Google+.

7. Try to spend more time creating and less time consuming.

This advice runs contrary to what Ed was preaching a few years ago when I took his course.  But these are fast times at Ridgemont High.  To be a social butterfly, ya gotta flutter.  Ya gotta move along with the times.

So flutter on, young monarchs.  Flutter on.

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  1. […] Ed Dale’s 7 Tips for Better Social Marketing Results […]

  2. […] Ed Dale’s 7 Tips for Better Social Marketing Results […]

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