Honorable Mention: The Jewish Justin Bieber Video for NCSY

We announced a few weeks ago that we have $1,000 to give to one of the charities that hired Shmuel to make their video in 2011.  We couldn’t decide to whom to give it, so we asked you.

The votes are in: you’ve decided on our fan page who your favorite charity is.  Before we announce the winner, an organization that won with 304 votes, we want to give an honorable mention to the runner-up: NCSY, with 176 votes.

Shmuel helped Edan Pinchot record the music and the video in Chicago last year during a snow storm.  He decided to combine Edan’s homemade version with his own studio footage, and some of the footage he took for the OU video last year.


John Lennon’s “Imagine” is the perfect song for describing what NCSY does.  They reach kids who otherwise are pretty unconnected to Judaism, and provide them with a great time while they’re learning about their heritage.  They help us imagine a world where people are connected to their past and use it as their strength.  NCSY is bringing that imagined future into a reality.

Rock on, NCSY!  Stay tuned for the first place winner of our $1,000 for Charity elections…

In the meantime, let us know what you think of the NCSY video by leaving a comment below. Thanks for voting!

12 Responses to "Honorable Mention: The Jewish Justin Bieber Video for NCSY"

  1. Ima2seven says:

    The video is really beautiful. Who IS that young man. Shmuel did a fantastic job… really moving.

  2. Richard Knight says:

    Another Hoffman jewel.

  3. Chaya V says:

    The singer is really talented and Shmuel I really liked the black and white shots of him – nice!

  4. Jamey says:

    the video looks great! love the black and white parts. aso, he is very talented!

  5. Ronen Goldberg says:

    Very nice. I enjoyed that video.

  6. Jannine Shapiro says:

    It was a really good video…..He has a tremendous voice…God Bless!

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