Ohel Sings a Version of 5 Five for Fighting’s “World” for Chanukah – Hanukkah

There have been so many awesome Channukah videos this year.  When Ohel’s Director of Marketing, Derek Saker, approached Shmuel about producing this video, they decided not to compete.  What they came up with is a completely different take on the meaning of Channukah.

Sorry, I should have warned you to whip out the tissues beforehand.

But isn’t that what Chanukah’s all about?  We can do anything!  We can beat the Greeks, even when there are so many more of them than us, and they have all the military power.

This is what’s so inspiring about Ohel.  When Shmuel made the Camp Kaylie video, it was so clear to me that what Ohel creates is a new, better world, even if it’s just on their campus.  What I’ve learned from Ohel is that if I want to bring light to this world, I have to start small, with the people in my life.  When you catch those pockets of ideality on video, the light spreads like wildfire to all who watch.

So here’s some light for you.  Pass it on.

Happy Hannukah.  And can someone tell me what the correct English spelling for Chanukah is, if there is one?


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  1. Miriam says:

    You really are the best… each film just gets better and better!

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