Leiby Kletzky’s 9th Birthday & Free Mitzvah Points

Mavenmall’s mascot, Miri.

I love Mavenmall.com

My Mavenmall.com article on Why We Don’t Have Internet Connection at Home Anymore was a hit, with some prominent Jewish bloggers posting their own responses:

JewishMom.com (looooove Jenny Weisberg and her awesome articles)

Ima2Seven, who has, as you may have guessed, 7 kids, and talks about the dangers of time-wasting online

LifeintheMarriedLane, who writes about using setting healthy boundaries for internet use

But the real reasons I love Mavenmall.com are these:

-Naomi Elbinger, who runs the show over there, was one of the first to take my social media marketing course.

-It’s THE place online to find ONLY tzenua clothing from brand names.  Not to mention the awesome articles 😛

-Naomi is donating $0.25 for every new Facebook like and email signup she gets from now till Rosh Hashanah to the Leiby Kletzky Memorial Fund.

Leiby Kletzky would have turned 9 years old on August 20th.  This is such an awesome way to “light a candle” for his birthday.

This is an opportunity to give tzedakah without spending a penny.  Like Mavenmall, sign up for their awesome emails (I get them weekly and open every one to see what kind of tzenua clothing is on the runways).

You’ll be doing a big mitzvah for Leiby, zt”l.  I should end here because tears are welling up as I write this and I don’t want to go there.

Tizku l’mitzvot.


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