The #1 Thing I Do to Get Clients, Jobs & Web Traffic on LinkedIn

As I wrote in answer to Hearpreneur’s question, “What’s next in social media?”, LinkedIn is awesome.

This is more for businesses and finding a job than for fun, but I get most of my blog traffic from LinkedIn, and I just scored a commercial project for Shmuel because I’d posted a link to one of his videos as a discussion on a LinkedIn group.  A guy we’d never met saw it and followed it to our site.  He must have liked the video, because a few short interactions later, we got a big check in the mail.  We’d never even met the guy!

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Here’s what I do:

1. Every time we publish a blog post, I create an event in my calendar with the name of the post and the URL of the post.

2. Each day I post the article as a discussion on a LinkedIn group.  I’m a member of 50 LinkedIn groups, and this is the limit.  The groups you join should include people from your industry who would be interested in reading your more technical posts, and prospective clients.

3. When you have a few minutes, take the time to browse other discussions in the group for stuff to read, like and comment on.

4. Once I post the article with some appropriate discussion text I make a note in my calendar what was the last group I posted that article on, and I schedule the next posting for the following day.

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Since I’m in 50 groups, I have a few events running at one time.  I don’t just go through all my groups and post the same article on all groups in one day, and here’s why:

When I post a discussion in a group, it automatically posts an update to that effect as a status update.  If I have 50 identical status updates in a row, that’s annoying to my network.

The only exception is when an article is timely, like the NY Venture Summit Ticket Giveaway  I posted last week.

LinkedIn is less hip and fun than Twitter & Facebook, but making money never goes out of fashion.


How have you used LinkedIn to get clients, donors, jobs, blog traffic, etc?  Leave your tips in the comments below.




8 Responses to "The #1 Thing I Do to Get Clients, Jobs & Web Traffic on LinkedIn"

  1. MARKIT Group says:

    Great idea for staying organized! Calendar events are a simple and effective way to stay on task. Will definitely have to give that a shot for some upcoming article posts!

    Another tried and true idea- use LinkedIn’s Twitter app – that way if you find or write an interesting article, you can share it with your LinkedIn network and also repost to your Twitter community if you deem it appropriate. We especially like the idea of sharing easily with a variety of social networks, since some people prefer LinkedIn to Twitter, while others prefer Twitter to Facebook — etc. It’s great to market to a wide array of platforms!

  2. Lee says:

    That was helpful, thanks. I’d like to ask 2 questions, if I may.
    First–Isn’t there a different degree of exposure? That is, aren’t there cases in which you’d like to post the same idea to several (but not all 50) groups? True it’s an update on your profile, but it may end up at the very bottom of the page and be missed by a significant portion of readers. Is there a workaround?
    Second–Which tool do you use and/or recommend for handling posts (and traffic) on several SM platforms? Is there a tool that lets you manage LinkedIn Groups? Or is it enough to start by posting on a LI group and let the chain follow from there to Twitter and FB?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Lee,
      Thanks for reading!
      To answer your questions:
      1. THere are different degrees of exposure, depending on the amount of people in a given group. I don’t post everything on every group – only where appropriate. It may end up on the bottom of the email they receive, but there’s nothing you can do about that, as far as I know.
      2. I use Hootsuite for FB LinkedIn & Twitter. I hope they’ll get Google+ up there soon too. There’s no tool that I’ve found as of yet for LinkedIn groups – you’ll just have to post the old fashioned way.
      I have Twitter hooked up to LinkedIn so that on some groups I can tweet on Twitter my discussion, but in general the best way is to have a third party client (like Hootsuite) to manage everything – so that you can determine what goes to which crowd.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Margelit,

    I found your blog via MavenMall and am enjoying checking out your recent posts. Thank you!

    I’ve also posted my articles/blogs to relevant LinkedIn groups, and sometimes it stimulates conversations with new connections in my industry, but at the same time, I am always wary of crossing the line between being a helpful resource of information and coming across as self promoting. How do you navigate this?

    Best Wishes,
    Rivka Elisheva Bennett

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  8. Dean says:

    Great article. Another idea to consider is creating your own group and inviting relevant people across from other groups. For example, if you create a group called: “Join if your web design is too expensive” , any joiners are likely to be potential leads for your web design business.

    • Yes! But I find this takes a lot of time if you want your group to be successful. Best to find audiences that exist first, then draw them to you only if you have the time to maintain and promote an active group.

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