1. Yes My Wife
The title of my blog is And I didn’t choose it by accident. I heard it first from a beloved Rabbi, Rabbi Harizi who I admire as a expert in marriage and relationship building. He says often: Yes my wife, yes my wife. The reason why this is one of the most important lessons I ever came across is that its so easy to disagree with your wife. Its hard to say yes.
2. Different Planets
You know, we come both from different planets, my wife and I. So, why would we ever agree on something? But as we know we want to live in harmony and disagreeing adds tremendously to disharmony in the home. Actually the sole reason for getting d…. (honk, no D word here, sorry) is a disagreement that the couple can’t solve anymore. They are stuck. So, the more we agree on each other the less likely we are getting … HONK. Sorry for the noise.
3. Join me in this experiment
I want you to join me in an experiment called “Yes My Wife” – week. Just this week,ok? Try it once and tell me if something changed in your relationship. Afterwards you can go back to your old way if you like. I want you to say “Yes my wife” whenever a request, a question comes from your wife. Get creative in how to maneuver around topics and issues that you actually disagree on. Over time it gets really easier. You’ll see if you stick to it.  One important rule not to violate, NEVER SAY NO during this week, ok? You will see a change that not even a marriage counselor can produce so quickly ;  )
Later, once we are done with this exercise I can show you how to say “Yes my wife” and still getting it your way.


P.S. I just found out it makes more senses actually to limit yourself for 5 things that you are writing down per day. This helps to prevent to get ‘burned out’ and not knowing what else to write.

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  1. Rahel says:

    You begin by saying, “The title of my blog is….” But it’s a post, right? And a blog is where you share your posts. So maybe, for the sake of clarity, you might wish to consider a slight rephrasing: “The title of my blog post is….”

    (And now you can get practice in saying, “Yes, my reader!”)


    • Rahel says:

      Oops. Just clicked the link. Please cancel that while I go wipe the egg off my face!

    • Hey Rahel.

      Thanks for letting me know. I actually meant my blog, not the blog post. I wrote basically an article about how to say ‘Yes my wife’ and also this is the name of my other blog where I post marriage related articles as well.
      This post is unique to my private blog here.
      Hope this clarifies it. Thanks for being a reader ; )

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