I was thinking about this idea for a very long time. To make my research on this topic available on my blog. Yes, we have so far just posted about filmmaking and social media. But hey, isn’t it called: I figured since its the Hoffman blog so why not introducing a new category that I so deeply care about and I hope you will too ;  )

My Second Passion

I have to admit. I have a second passion besides being a steadicam operator and videographer. AND THAT IS MY MARRIAGE.

Why is this so special? Because for me marriage has been the hardest thing to succeed in. I’ll be honest, Margelit and I had many long years of a very unstable and often rollercoaster-type relationship.

I know, everybody kind of goes through this. But I think for us it is and was especially hard. We both come from divorced parents and households. We both have parents who have been divorced several times. That leaves us with so much baggage that can make it almost impossible to succeed in a marital relationship. How would we know what is right to do and what not???

My curious instinct told me that there must be a solution. A HOLY GRAIL TO SUCCEED. I didn’t want to give up and become one of the many +50%  d… couples ( this is the D – word that I’m not pronouncing).

The Journey Toward a Beautiful Marriage

It’s been a long journe so far, but I think I’m onto something: the secret to a beautiful and fulfilling relationship. But if it would be just for myself then this would be less exciting for me to share. I was looking for an answer and tools that can apply almost to everyone regardless of background, religion, status etc.

Knowing What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

I found so much stuff out there about marriage-improvement-self-help that its really drowning. What I found lacking was a hands-on, grassroots, simple approach to this topic with clear guidelines of what to do when we don’t know what to do. I know how this feels, because there have been numerous times when I was fighting with Margelit and I didn’t know how to respond.

I want to share with you what I’ve found works.  I’ll be writing here about my successes, what I found to be working, what not and how society teaches common knowledge that we either have to rewrite or reinvent.

Are you up for this journey with me to ‘Yes My Wife’?


P.S. I want to tell you, Margelit that I’m so thankful for all what you have done for me. This blog could not have been possible with your help, encouragement and courage. Thank you for being on my site and having gone through with me all that time. I deeply love and care for you.

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  1. I got to your blog via a mutual friend in Jerusalem. I must say you are doing a wonderful job.

    In particular regarding the category and now the blog on marital bliss, yes-my-wife. I was blessed not to have the extra baggage that you talk about. And even so, I found that marriage is something that one has to invest in with all of his strength. If I were editing this post I would perhaps only make one change, that “I have a first passion even before …” That’s not a criticism, that’s just me.

    I was blessed with two wonderful wives, unfortunately my first wife passed away at a young age. I find in the second marriage that we both came in older and wiser, very knowledgable of the mistakes that everybody makes when they’re young, and determined that we will give to each other without focusing on the “Me”.

    Yet marriage is certainly something that one has to work on and build and grow, and I praise you that you talk about this subject openly, there is a great need for it.

    I wish for you and all those who you touch success in creating for yourselves the greatest joy that there is. Well, no, there’s one joy bigger than that, but I think that it’s only possible to come to easily if you have a blissful marriage.

  2. Doug Harper says:

    The heart knows what the heart wants. Learn about yourself to be happy in life.

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