A Video For Women: How to Live Your Light


I’m a gusher – emotional, excited.  People will tell you how easily I cry.

And also how enthusiastic I am.  I’ve written before about how I just love Shmuel’s film work and how I just love Tzipora Harris’s Clarity class (formerly the 40-day prayer class).

Well.  Now, for the first time, here they are.  Combined.

I just love the starkness.  It gives you that feeling that you have when you’re alone with Gd.  In a big, dark place, but also warm and held.

Okay, I’m sappy.  Here’s how Shmuel improvised the set and lighting.

What do you think of the video?  Let us know in the comments below.  🙂

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9 Responses to "A Video For Women: How to Live Your Light"

  1. Delightful… I would never have thought that kind of electric guitar music for a movie about spiritual awakening… and yet it works.

  2. IMHO Shmuel’s videos are so good because he led another life as a musician beforehand. 🙂

  3. Michael says:

    Mein lieber Freaund Schmuel, ich vermisse Dich sehr aber immer werde ich an unsere Freundaschafy denken. Ich moechte mit Dir in Verbindung bleibe und dass weiss ich nichte ob wir uns sehen werden. Ich wuenschte das uaf jeden Fall. Las Dich melden weil dass wird mich ein Erlebnis bleiben. Viele Gruesse an Deine Familie Dein ergebenr Freund Michaerl

    • Michael, schoen von Dir zu hoeren. Ja, wir vermissen Beit Levi sehr und ich hoffe dass ich sehr bald nach Israel wieder komme. Ich habe einige filme in planung die es mir ermoeglichen nach Israel vielleicht noch in diesem jahr zu kommen und dann werden wir uns sicher wiedersehen. Alles gute bis dahin.

  4. leah Levy says:

    Loved the effects for being “unclear”. Thought the close ups, focal length and jump cuts emphasized the emotion of the spot. However, by the end, I was a little dizzy from all the motion. I would have loved to see you emphasize being “clear” with more stable and in-focus shots. Overall, loved the spot. Very professional!

  5. Marcel Garbi says:

    …sorry but I felt it like watching some complex being stuttering….

  6. Very interesting style…clearly Shmuel is talented behind the camera. Is this scripted? Are these professionals? Did he produce, as well?

    I’d be interested to see Shmuel’s reel.

    Hatzlacha and bracha in all your work!

    Wendy Weiner Runge

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