How I Went from Barefoot & Pregnant to Social Media Manager

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Here’s me:

I was lucky to be featured in Dr. Shannon Reece’s blog post called Does Social Media Pay? 32 Perspectives on ROI.  Scroll down – I’m number 15.

There you’ll read my story of how I taught myself online marketing in between 3 pregnancies and childbirths in order to help Shmuel’s video production company with marketing.  You’ll read about my success with it and how I began managing the social media campaigns for other companies and nonprofits, and how I also began teaching online marketing one-on-one to students internationally.

This is a cat I haven’t let out of the bag yet: yes, I teach it.  Everything you need to know to market your business online.  I either teach people one-on-one via Skype or in person, if we’re close enough.  I tailor what I teach to the needs of their business.

I’m also giving a lecture as a guest to a marketing 101 course at a local college this week.  Here’s a video of the last presentation I gave.

This is what Zev Jacobson, Director of Israel Maven Tours, had to say about my course:

“We have had a fantastic experience with Margelit to-date. She is SMM-savvy, professional, attentive and always ready to go the extra mile to assist. She has helped us with Facebook, twitter, email marketing, videos, web design, blogging and just about every aspect of our online presence. This has led to increased visibility & sales. In short, a very worthwhile investment.”

I teach:

-SEO (including keyword research, on-site SEO an off-site SEO)


-social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more)

-email marketing

-creating a marketing plan

-how online marketing supplements online marketing (or in our case, vice versa!)

All of this will lead to increased traffic to your website, and increased sales.  We went from 208 blog views in July 2009, to 1,805 views in January, 2011.  For a 2-person business that’s a lot of traffic.  You’re looking at more than 8.5 times the views in a year and a half.  Yes, this equals a humongous increase in business.  You do the math.

If you want to learn more about my one-on-one online and social media marketing courses for marketing managers and business owners, please email me at  Help me out, if you would, by writing social media course inquiry in the subject line.


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6 Responses to "How I Went from Barefoot & Pregnant to Social Media Manager"

  1. Not only are you doing all these things above you also help clients to find the right tone to talk to their audience, giving them great video ideas (have to mention here that you came up with the iPad theme for our OU image film).
    And last but not least you are an incredible art director in any direction.
    I think clients get so much for their buck. Keep it coming, my dear wife ; )

  2. Margelit taught me and a staff member about social media via Skype last year. It’s been very valuable for us and I’m still often struck by the wisdom of the things she told us six months ago. My last blog post got 15 likes and 87 views within 3 hours – and I can honestly say that specific things I learned from Margelit helped me do that. Now that we are really getting the hang of this Social Media thing, I know that it will just get better and better. I definitely recommend her as a teacher! (BTW this is an unsolicited recommendation.)

  3. Thank you so, so much Naomi! Will you post a link here to that blog post? Would love to see. 🙂 Great work!

    • Here’s the link – it’s on my Yiddish blog. That is my biggest modestly “viral” success and it’s still bringing in traffic. But we’re having success on all my three sites and in general social media traffic is growing across. I feel like we’re just starting to get it and also I’m starting to enjoy it, which is good because as you probably remember, I was scared of it in the beginning.

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