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Here is our first commercial that we produced for a jewelry store on the luxurious Holland – Amercia cruise ships. Everything was shot on a Canon 7D, mostly with a Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. Thanks for the entire team and the generous help of the client Shawn Hakimian to make this commercial possible. We learned a lot about the pre planing, the production, and the post production.

Interesting was how the  commercial from the script writing process to the finalization went through multiple stages and changes. We started actually with a story of the  couple throughout the day on the cruise ship featuring the jewelry of the  client. When we got on location the weather was anything  else then ideal. The commercial required beautiful sunshine, a going ship on the sea and footage of the couple waking up, sun-bathing etc. (see script). But because it was raining on that day (and believe me we were monitoring the weather for two weeks) we were very limited of shooting all the scenes we wanted to feature. But in the  end, as you might know me a bit I love to work in an improvised manner and so did I on this piece. I think as long as you are flexible, plan well and then deal with all the things that can happen its a guaranty for success.

I really want to thank everybody on the team, starting with Shawn and his mother Betty who were a very generous and pacient client. I want to say thank you to Ron for the great script writing process, Robin for being so pacient with me on the casting the actors, Sara for making the actors beautiful, for Tony and Ozem and their great performance.

Thanks everybody for this great experience.


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  1. pdy studio says:

    a beautiful clip Shmuel – some stunning shots and equally good editing. That Sigma lens is probably the best value for money lens for HDSLR filming. Quality work.

  2. Ron says:

    Very nice, and you made the jewelry look beautiful. I’m sure it will make people want to check out the store on board when they see this!

  3. Shawn Couzens says:

    Great stuff Shmuel. You are one of the few who can play in both worlds – secular and judaic. As always, your choice of music, lenses and shots are spot on. Great editing as well. Also, I see you’re getting you money’s worth out of the Canon 7D.

    Do you do your own editing?

  4. That was really beautiful Shmuel. Mazal Tov.

  5. Audy says:

    Really nice editing and some beautiful shots.
    should better change the female model next time.

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