4 Quick Tips on How to Write Blog Post Titles That Get Clicks

How can it be that you keep writing these beautiful blog posts with compelling content, yet your Google or WordPress Analytics are telling you that no one else is interested? There are a number of reasons why people won’t click on your posts. Today I’m going to get you up to speed on how to make sure your post has at least an attractive title.

1. The most popular articles are “How-to” and “Why” articles.
So put those words in your titles. As a prerequisite to that, your blogs will have to be instructional, of course. This rule will help you steer clear of rambling, overly personal tangents. You want to offer your audience content that will help them, otherwise why would they come back?

2. Use words like: the Best, the Biggest, the Most, the Greatest, the Top. Get comfortable with exaggerating!

3. Include numbers (in digit format, not spelled-out).
People click on this stuff more. Don’t ask why; maybe numbers just pop when in a sea of letters. But the numbers have spoken, and they said this is the way to go.

4. Make your title relevant and timely
As much as you want your blog post to stand as a bastion of 21st century literature, no one will be reading it in a few weeks. Online, people want the latest. So give them what they want, and head to the ultimate directory of what’s hot, Google Trends.

Screen shot 2010-08-01 at 11.30.31 AM

a. First of all, know thy target audience. For example, young Jewish professionals in NYC

b. Search for the top trends.

c. Now imagine how these topics can be related to the target audience, and to your post, and write your title accordingly.

Here’s my example:

I found Eilat Anschel on Google Trends. She’s Lindsay Lohan’s Israeli girlfriend. This kind of content is far removed from the kind of content my clients post. BUT, one of my clients is a nonprofit Jewish organization, and a Jewish name could be relevant to what they do.
The blog post I wrote is about Yiddish and the Holocaust. Here’s the title I came up with based on Google Trends: The Secret Language of Eilat Anschel’s Grandparents: Yiddish and the Holocaust.

There is nothing in my post about Eilat Anschel, but I still managed to make a relevant title (if it’s completely irrelevant, it should not be your title, or Google will smack your hand for that).
BTW, that Eilat Anschel post now has the most hits of any blog post on their site.

So. Now you’re all set to write your next title. Go to! And tell me what your Google and WordPress Analytics say then in the comments below.


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27 Responses to "4 Quick Tips on How to Write Blog Post Titles That Get Clicks"

  1. jewishmoms says:

    thanks margalit, these sound like really good tips, I’m going to try them out!

  2. Shawn Hakimian says:

    great tips, thanks for the link to google trends.

  3. Thanks for reading, Shawn! It’s crazy the kind of snapshot you’ll get of humanity on Google Trends!

  4. Ariella says:

    Twitter also shows trending topics. I once wrote a post contemplating working Tiger Woods into a piece written for NY Jewish Bridal Examiner. I could have forced it if I really wanted to because I am quite creative that way. But I didn’t like resorting to such a gimmick to try to draw readers over.

    • I received a few comments on LinkedIn about this–not everyone feels comfortable with the idea. You shouldn’t make it too much of s stretch, of course. That’s spammy and unwelcome by most readers. But if you can make it fit nicely with your topic–why not? Ride the wave of trends. It’s the only way anyone ever made money–buy providing something that people are looking for.
      If you feel uncomfortable using Google Trends, at least implement my other 3 tips above. As you can see from the title of this post, you don’t have to use Google Trends to have a clickable title.

  5. Love the tips! I clicked on your title so it works! 🙂

  6. Beatriz says:

    Great tips! thank you for sharing.

  7. Marian says:

    So here are some ideas:

    5 Secrets to Having Fun in Your Business
    How to raise 4 kids with 2 Businesses

    3 Keys to a Working at Home

    How to secrets from a Working – Mom


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    • Hi Anne,

      Keep in mind what people come online for:
      -to learn something
      -to interact with people

      My guess is: no one wants to learn how to fail. Teach them how to do it right, even if you yourself had to learn the hard way!

      Let me know how it goes…


  9. CindyRQuilts says:

    I just shared your ideas on my Facebook page with all my entrepreneurial friends. Good, strong advice. I like your style and will try implementing some of these ideas in my blogging. Thanks.

  10. CindyRQuilts says:

    I’ll check out your Linked In link. I am in fact on LI as well. I wear two hats. I am also a tech writer for years. I write and create art to make a living. I have an online shop on Etsy for my own art and I also help other artists build shops to sell their art. The people I help are not English speakers, so my skills are helpful to them.

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