’s Viral Video: The Original “Commercial Against Assimilation”

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At the beginning of 2008, Shmuel spent three months working in the Old City in Aish’s media building with Rabbi Shore.  We hardly saw him, he was working so much.  One of the main projects he completed in that time was Zero Point Three Per Cent, a piece inspired by my uncle Dani Schneor’s “Sorry” commercial that he made for the pensioneers in Israel.
Uncle Dani has been a cinematographer and DP in Israel and abroad for years.  His commercial showreel and his movie work are just awesome.  He’s one of Shmuel’s mentors in the business, and his wife Brit, my aunt, brings such energy to any conversation; we love visiting them in their home behind the nature preserve in the north.
Shmuel worked closely with R. Nechemia Coopersmith to make Zero Point Three Per Cent, one of his most talked about pieces.  The most important part of Shmuel’s work is that he’s passionate about his message.  He doesn’t just work for money.  He works for the love of Jews and the goal of bringing peace of world to fruition.  And the only way this can happen is for Jews to unite.  Let the bickering end so that we can stand up to our enemies united.  The whole world wants to kill us, why should we fight over anything at all?
Now is the time to stand together.  This has to begin in the home, with those closest to us, and it ripples out from there.  I may not be able to influence political decisions (then again, maybe I can!), but I can at least say a kind word to my husband and do him an extra favor.  The cost is zero and the reward is astounding.
That’s what this video is about, in so many words.

Click here to watch more videos that Shmuel made for and the Aish Center.
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2 Responses to "’s Viral Video: The Original “Commercial Against Assimilation”"

  1. jean says:

    Wonderful video, totally expresses my feelings.

  2. Margelit says:

    Thank you Jean–sorry for the insanely late reply! Shmuel and I are very devoted to the cause of Jewish unity; that’s why I cry when I watch almost all of his movies:-)

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